Ballet Clothes 

For the trial class children can come in leggings, a t-shirt and socks unless you already own ballet clothes. 

Ballet clothes and hair equipment is available at our ballet shop in our studio. 

We only accept cash.

Each level (except level 1 and adult classes) has its own leotard which you will need to buy from us so everyone has the same uniform.


Leotard, Pink Ballet Tights or Ballet Socks, Ballet Shoes (without laces)



Ballet Skirt

At the studio we have:

Ballet tights (CHF 10.-)

Ballet Socks (CHF 5.-)

Capezio Ballet Shoes (CHF 20.-)

Leotards (CHF 20-35.-)

Ballet Skirts (CHF 20-25.-)

!Attention! Shoes sizes tend to be small so go for half a size or one size bigger.

If you buy ballet shoes elsewhere, make sure the shoes don't have laces.


Rue Juste-Olivier 22, 1260 Nyon

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