School Year

31 August 2020 - 27 June 2021


This is a fun classical ballet based fitness class for adults of all levels. No previous experience needed. You also do not need to be flexible to take this class.


Why take this class?

1) Improve muscular strength

2) Improve posture

3) Get your heart rate up

4) Burn calories

5) Improve flexibility

6) Improve coordination

7) Better control over your body

8) Improve musicality

9) Reducing Stress

10) Hopefully make new friends too :) and many other benefits



Your first class counts as your trial class. 

You only pay for the trial class if you liked the class and want to join.

The trial class will be added to the first payment (at the same price as the other classes) if you decide to join our classes.


For this class you can wear ballet gear or leggings and a sport top with ballet shoes. For the trial class you can wear socks. 


The price and payment will be the same as all of our other ballet classes. Please find a link to our General & Financial Terms at the very bottom of our webpage for all the information on payments, holidays etc.


We look forward to seeing you in class!


Please click on the link below for our General and Financial Conditions PDF. 





The following information will be found in this PDF:

TABLE OF CONTENTS        Page Number

School Holidays                                      1

Classes                                                      2

Payments                                                 3

Cancellations                                          4

Ballet Show                                             5

Right to Image                                        6

Rules                                                      7-10

Responsibilities                                     11


Rue Juste-Olivier 22, 1260 Nyon

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