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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Everything you need to know about trial classes at Piri Ballet


Your first class with us, always counts as your trial class. You can decide afterwards if you would like to join us or not.


Starting as soon as possible ensures that your child can progress alongside their peers and begin preparations for the end-of-year show. Even if you've missed the initial weeks, there's no need to worry. Our patient and encouraging teachers are here to support late starters.

Upon deciding to join us after the trial class, any missed classes prior to the trial will be deducted from your first invoice. While we can't guarantee show participation for those who sign up later (after January), it will be determined based on the specific class and student. After the trial class, our teacher will happily guide you regarding your child's level and potential show involvement.

Rest assured, as long as spots are available, you're more than welcome to join us at any point during the school year.


Refer to the age table below to determine the suitable class for your child. While these age ranges are generally effective, please note that during the trial class, our teacher will assess your child's abilities and suggest the most appropriate level—whether it's a lower or higher one—for optimal progress.

Piri Ballet Age Level Guidelines at different locations


Our dedicated teachers are all professionals who are passionate about working with children. Trained in the Piri Ballet method, they uphold our high standard across all classes, ensuring a positive, kind, patient, and fun learning environment. Our classes are designed to be both engaging and challenging.

If you find that multiple classes fit your schedule, feel free to attend trial classes with various teachers. Afterward, kindly inform us of your selection so that we can accommodate other students in the remaining class.


Go to the "Class Booking" tab on our website and click on the right level and then pick from the available times. If the class is fully booked it will show as fully booked, therefore if you can sign up, there are spaces available.

For your trial class, book the class which you would like to attend weekly if you decide to join us after the trial class.


Please see our schedule below.


Participating in a trial class incurs no extra fee. Should you choose to enroll, regular class fees will apply. Missed classes prior to the trial will be subtracted from your initial invoice. If you decide not to continue after the trial, there will be no charges incurred.



No purchases are necessary for the trial class. Students can wear a neat ponytail, leggings, a t-shirt, and socks. If you have a leotard and ballet shoes, you're welcome to wear those.

Should you choose to enroll following the trial class, our on-site ballet store offers a convenient selection of uniform, tights, shoes, and hair accessories. However, you're free to purchase these items from any source as long as they meet our requirements. Refer to the specifications below.


Normally minimum 5 and maximum 15 minutes before class starts. Make sure to give yourself enough time for parking and finding the location. Your child will feel more comfortable if they do not arrive rushed and/or late.


Prepare your child before hand so they know what to expect

1) Show them this video so they can see what a class looks like

2) Explain to them that you will be bringing them to the studio and show them the space and just before class starts, you will be going outside and you will be waiting for them there. Explain that only students are allowed in the classroom and if they need anything (water, go to the toilet etc) they can ask the teacher.

3) On the day, make sure to arrive 10 minutes early. Get ready for class, take off your shoes and check with the teacher if you can enter the classroom with your child for a few minutes (only if there is no other class in the room). Walk around the classroom with your child for a bit until they feel more comfortable.


You are welcome to watch the class anytime. There is a glass window (one way so students don't get distracted) in the changing room area.



Upon your decision to enroll, you can immediately begin attending weekly classes without waiting for our confirmation. We'll handle the necessary details afterward. In the meantime, please send us a text or email to confirm your annual booking, and we'll respond promptly.

Should circumstances change, rest assured you have the flexibility to discontinue your classes with a minimum notice of 30 days. For more information, refer to our General & Financial conditions.


Please email or whatsapp us if you decide not to join us so we can offer the spot to another student.

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Piri Ballet provides Ballet and Cardio Dance classes for beginners and Intermediates. The youngest students are two years old and the oldest are over sixty years old. We have classes for babies, toddlers, young children, teenagers, adults and seniors. It is never too late or too early to start dancing. Classes for babies are in baby carriers with their mum’s and are to popular music. Classes for 2-3 year old’s contain 30 minutes of dance-play and 30 minutes of just playing and drawing etc. The class size for two to three year old children will be small with around 5 children per teacher. Ages 4-6 year old’s have 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of dance-play. Ages 7-9 will have 50 minutes of Ballet and 10 minutes of dance-play. Ages 10 and above will have 60 minutes of Ballet.

The ballet classes will contain a warm-up, barre work, stretching, exercises in the center like jumps and turns (depending on the age and level) and a cool-down.

At Piri Ballet, our student’s health and safety is very important. For this reason we hold warm-ups and cool-downs for every class. We also teach our students to do the exercises in a way to avoid injuries. Our teachers have taken thousands of ballet classes and know exactly what to pay attention to.

We believe that dancing should be fun and enjoyable while also improving skills, muscle strength, posture and flexibility.

Every single student is important to us and we try to tailor our classes to make it a positive experience for all our students.

We are interested and appreciate all feedback from students and parents.

Our most popular classes are our 2-3-year-old ballet classes and our adult beginner’s classes.

Our studio is in Nyon very close to the train station (2-minute walking-distance). Our students come from different parts of Vaud and Geneva.

We are hoping to open new dance centers in Lausanne and Geneva in the near future so if Nyon is too far for you, please subscribe to our mailing list and let us know if you would be interested in attending our future Geneva or Lausanne Dance Center.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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