Rehearsal Dates and Times

Saturday Rehearsal

Date: June 22nd

Location: Piri Ballet Studio (Rue Juste-Olivier 22, 1260 Nyon)

Time: See schedule for your group

Dress Code: Normal Ballet Clothes

Hair: Preferably in Ballet bun (good practice)... otherwise neatly tied back

Make up: Not required

Arrival Time: 10 minutes before start of rehearsal

Wednesday Rehearsal

Date: June 26th

Location: Theatre de Marens, Route du Stand 5, Nyon

Parking: At the Nyon hospital across the street

Time: See schedule for your group

Dress Code: Full Dress Rehearsal (we will have the costumes)

Hair: Neat ballet bun (see video below)

Arrival Time: 20 minutes before start of rehearsal if you prepare hair and make up before your arrival. If you plan on doing hair and make up at the theatre, I recommend to give yourself minimum 1 hour.

I strongly recommend for you to do your hair and make up at home as it will get very crowded at the Theatre.

Hair and Makeup

The stage lights make you look very pale on stage which is why we require some makeup.

For ages 2 and 3 the children only need some blush and lipstick with lip-liner.

Lip stick colour should be a natural colour about 2 shades darker than the lips.

The video below shows how to do make up for ages 4+. Fake eyelashes are not required. Feel free to apply some if you feel comfortable doing this. It looks very nice on stage.


The hair part in the video below is for long hair.

The video below shows a good technique for how to do a nice ballet bun for medium length and short hair.

If your child has very short and/or very thin hair, just pull it back into a neat ponytail and then put a fake bun on top. You can buy fake buns from me for CHF 15.- or rent them (you get CHF 10 back when you return them).

You are responsible to get all the hair and makeup supplies needed for the show. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this. Below are the hair supplies that you will need for the show. Try to buy supplies that are as close as possible to the performers hair colour. 

Where can I buy supplies?

Migros has hair nets and bobby pins. There is a hair dresser shop on the second floor of la combe in Nyon that has all the hair supplies.

We will also seel some hair supplies at the rehearsals and at the show.

Check List

All performers must have pink ballet tights and real ballet shoes (not H&M etc). If you do not have ballet tights or shoes, we will have a ballet store set up on Saturday and Wednesday during rehearsals.


This is our normal class schedule with the information about which class performs which day and what they are in the show.

For example: your child attends our ballet classes on Wednesday at 10:30. Look on the schedule on Wednesday at 10:30. You can see that it says Flowers / Saturday. That means that your child will be a flower in the show and performs on Saturday.

Rue Juste-Olivier 22, 1260 Nyon

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