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“Wonderful ballet school in Nyon that knows how to get young children to fall in love with ballet.”


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Piri Ballet was founded in 2017 by Piroska Koch.

At Piri Ballet we care about every single student and make sure that we do our best to make our classes a great experience for everyone. It is important to us that the students enjoy their classes because research clearly shows that we learn quicker and remember better when we have fun. It is also important to us that our students respect themselves, each other and their teachers so we are working with our students to create this environment. 

What parents and students love most about Piri Ballet is that our classes are enjoyable but still challenging and our year end shows are one of a kind!

Meet The Team



🇨🇭🇭🇺 Hoi Zämme!


My name is Piroska, but you can call me Piri.

I am originally from Aargau, Switzerland but I have spent most of my childhood travelling with my family.

I started ballet very young and when I turned 10 years old, I joined the Hungarian National Ballet School in Budapest. The high-level training I received there led me to the prestigious Arts Educational School Tring, in England, where I trained as a professional ballerina.

After graduating, I decided to attend university in the USA in order to study child development.

In 2017, I decided to come back to Switzerland and settle on the shore of the Geneva Lake to found my very own ballet school, Piri Ballet.





 🇬🇷  Kalimera! 


My name is Danai and I am a ballerina from Greece.

Alongside my studies in children psychology and mental health, I have been dancing and training as a professional ballerina for 20 years.

I was awarded several diplomas for teaching ballet from The Royal Academy of Dance as well as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (UK).

I have spent a lot of time teaching and working with children suffering with mental health issues and for the past 2 years, I have been teaching dance at the Greek schools of Geneva and Lausanne.


I am delighted to join Piri Ballet this year as a ballet teacher and see what we can do together!






 🇺🇸  Hi Everyone! 


My name is Amber Papp. I was born in the USA, where I grew up doing Gymnastics. After 5 years of training and competitions, I decided to transition into dancing.


From the age of 11 I trained in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and finally did ballet and pointe. 

I competed in these disciplines for 7 years, a time during which I was also a teaching assistant. 

This experience led me to obtain my qualification as a ballet instructor, which I hold alongside a degree in early childhood education from Metro State University.

I have taught all forms of dance to different age groups for 11 years and am now excited and looking forward to being a part of the Piri Ballet family.


Our Mission

Our goal is to help children build a love and appreciation for their bodies though dance and movement.


At Piri Ballet we care about every single student and make sure that we do our best to make our classes a great experience for everyone. We challenge each student according to their abilities and experience. 

We believe that positive feedback and making our classes fun helps our students make the most progress. 


1) Improved posture
2) Improved flexibility and range of motion
3) Improved muscular strength
4) Improved body awareness
5) Improved fitness level
6) Weight loss
7) Improved self-confidence
8) Sharpened cognitive function
9) Stress reduction
10) New Social Connections

10 Benefits from Dancing Classical Ballet
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