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Classes start 21 August 2023

Why choose Piri Ballet

1. Positive & Professional

It's our speciality to find that sweet spot between having discipline & making great progress while keeping our classes positive, fun & engaging!

2. Best Rated Ballet School

We have more 5* reviews on Google than any other ballet school in the area of Geneva and Vaud. Most of our new clients come through recommendations from current or past clients. 

3. We care

We truly care about every single student and we do everything we can to help them make the most progress possible in their

body coordination,

body strength,





artistic expression of self,

and all the good things we can learn through classical ballet. 

We don't just teach classes, we teach individuals. 💕

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1 Piri Ballet Nyon Vaud Geneva Ballet classes for children beginner intermediate young chi


“Piri ballet is fantastic for kids any age, and especially ballet initiation for very young children. The lessons are age appropriate and fun so that kids are both attracted to ballet and learn the basics. Technics increases with age. The yearly spectacles are fantastic and magical and keeps the children motivated.My daughter has been loving it for 3 years.”


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About Us

Piri Ballet was founded in 2017 in Nyon by Piroska Koch

About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to help children build a love and appreciation for their bodies through a positive environment using classical ballet as our method. 

At Piri Ballet we care about every single student and make sure that we do our best to make our classes a great experience for everyone. We challenge each student according to their abilities and experience. 

We have found that positive feedback and making our classes fun helps our students make the most progress. 




“My daughter has been going to Piri Ballet for 3 years now, and she loves it! She loves her teacher, she loves the performances and the opportunity to get a glimpse into what it is like to be a real ballerina. It has helped build her confidence and be more conscious about good body posture and strength.”



Our Founder

Piri Ballet was founded in the Summer of 2017 by Piri in Nyon. It originally started as a Summer course but turned into a year round program because of its high demand. 

Piri trained as a professional dancer in Budapest at the Hungarian National dance Academy and the Arts Educational School in Tring, England. She has loved the benefits that classical ballet has given her  such as better posture, musicality, the abilty to quickly learn new dance styles or different sports because of strong body control and so forth. On the other hand, she has found that there are many flaws in most classical ballet classes. The demand of a certain body type and the constant focus on flaws, has a negative effect on most dancers not only in the classroom but throughout their lives. Ballet dancers tend to be very hard on themselves, and most struggle with eating disorders and body dismorphia. 

Through Piri's university studies in child development, and through personal experience, Piri has found that positive reinforcement is much more effective than negative. When the teacher focuses on what the student does well, there is greater improvement than when the teacher focuses on what is wrong. Also, positive humor helps students to better remember feedback.  

Piri has founded and is motivated to expand this school because she wants children to have a positive experience when it comes to dancing. Overly strict, harsh and negative ballet classes should be a thing of the past.


All teachers at Piri Ballet have had a similar experience in their dance training concerning constant negativity and body type focus, and they are all very motivated to give their students a better experience than what they had. 


Dance can greatly enrich ones life physically, mentally and emotionally and everyone should have part of the joy that dancing can bring. 

Piri Ballet Classes and Shows

Piri Ballet Classes and Shows



“Piri teaches dance with passion, lots of drive and lots of sweetness and elegance. Her classes are filled with good humor. The choreography and exercises are very diverse, the chosen music is beautiful. My daughters are happy and thriving in this fairy environment created by Piri.”


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