A beautiful celebration of classical ballet and a magical experience for the whole family

Ophelia, the powerful fairy queen, treats humans, fairies and all living things with love and kindness, but her jealous cousin Oberon longs for her throne and thus plots to murder her. 

The talented Bianka Rotter (currently with the prestigious Hungarian National Ballet) slips into the role of Ophelia while Zoltan Feicht (former dancer at the Hungarian National Ballet and Cirque de Soleil) takes on the part of Oberon. Professional dancers and students from Piri Ballet (children ages 2+ and adults) complete the cast as fairies, village people, magical water, the enchanted forest and the cutest butterflies you can imagine!

Talented dancers, stunning choreography and gorgeous costumes all contribute to an unforgettable show which you and your family can enjoy this June.

BFM Geneva
Bâtiment des Forces Motrices

2, Place des Volontaires, 1204 Genève