Trial Classes at Piri Ballet

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Everything you need to know about trial classes at any Piri Ballet location.

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Can my child attend a trial class first and then decide if we sign up?

When should I attend the trial class?

Which level should I book?

Which teacher should I chose?

How can I make a booking for a trial class?

Which classes are available?

How much does a trial class cost?

What should my child wear to the trial class?

What time should I arrive for the trial class?

My child is very shy and/or attached to me. What do you recommend to do?

Can I watch the trial class?

How we sign up if we were happy with the trial class and want to join?

What do we do if we decide that we are not yet ready or do not want to join?



Our classes are so awesome that over 80% of students who try our classes decide that they want to join us!

You cannot say that we didn't warn you! 😉



Your first class with us, always counts as your trial class. You can decide afterwards if you would like to join us or not.

As soon as you book your trial class, a spot is reserved for you for the whole school year. This way you will have a spot in the class, if you decide to join us and your child can attend their class regularly straight away.


Our classes at all of our locations start on Monday, 6th September 2021

Ideally start in the first week of classes but you can also start later if that does not work for you. The sooner the better since we start working on our ballet technique from the first day of class and we start rehearsing for the show during the first trimester. If you start later, you might need to start with a lower level to catch up. Our teachers are patient and positive and will support any late starters.

We cannot guarantee show participation with later sign ups. It will depend on the class and the student. Our teacher would gladly advise you on these matters (level & show participation) after the trial class. Having said that, as long as there are spots available, you are welcome to join us anytime during the school year.


See which class to book according to our age table below. This refers to your childs age in September. The ages below are guidelines and work for most students. We will tell you after the trial class if the teacher thinks that your child would make better progress in another level (lower or higher level).

Piri Ballet Age Level Guidelines at different locations
L1 = Level 1


All of our teachers are professional, positive, kind, patient and love working with children. They are trained in the Piri Ballet method, so no matter which class or teacher you chose, you will receive the same high standard that we set for each class. Our classes are fun, positive and challenging.

If several classes work for you, you are welcome to attend several trial classes with different teachers. Just let us know afterwards which one you chose so we can open the other class for other students.


The trial class booking is done in the same booking system as the annual class booking. Go to the "Booking" tab at the top of our website and scroll down to the booking system.

Then pick your preferred location and level.

For your trial class, book the class which you would like to attend weekly if you decide to join us after the trial class.


If the class is open for bookings, it means that there are spaces available.

If the class is full, you can only click “Join Waitlist”. It is worth signing up to the waitlist for your preferred class, as many people make a few changes to their schedules at the beginning of the school year and swap to another class. We recommend to also sign up for a class without a waitlist to make sure you have a space in case you do not make it into your preferred class.


There is no additional trial class fee. The normal trimester fees will apply if you join. If you join us after September, all missed classes from October ‘21 and on will be deducted from your first bill. If after the trial class you do not join us, you do not pay for anything.


For the trial class, if you do not have any ballet clothes already, students can wear leggings or a skirt and a t-shirt and socks. Feel free to bring them in a tutu or whatever else they feel most comfortable in.

Do not buy any new clothes for the trial class. We have a set uniform for our classes and we will give you all the info you need (where to buy etc) after your trial class.


Normally minimum 3 and maximum 10 minutes before class starts. Make sure to give yourself enough time for parking and finding the location. Your child will feel more comfortable if they do not arrive rushed and/or late.


Prepare your child before hand so they know what to expect

1) Show them this video so they can see what a class looks like

2) Explain to them that you will be bringing them to the studio and show them the space and just before class starts, you will be going outside and you will be waiting for them there. Explain that only students are allowed in the classroom and if they need anything (water, go to the toilet etc) they can ask the teacher.

3) On the day, make sure to arrive 10 minutes early. Get ready for class, take off your shoes and check with the teacher if you can enter the classroom with your child for a few minutes (only if there is no other class in the room). Walk around the classroom with your child for a bit until they feel more comfortable.