Trial Classes / Rejoining
September 2020 - June 2021

What is a trial class?

-Your first class at Piri Ballet

-Your first class with a new teacher

-Your first class after a 4+ months break

When can I join?

-Anytime during the school year as long as we have spaces available

How can I sign up for a trial class?

-Click the appropriate age group to the right to sign up for a trial class

How much does the trial class cost?

-It will only be charged if you decided to join (no charge if you do not join)

-Will be part of first invoice

-Same price as other classes

What should my child wear for the trial class?

-leggings, a t-shirt and socks unless you already own ballet clothes

-We have a set uniform for each class, but you won't need this for the trial class

Which group should I chose for my child?

-If your child has had no previous experience, chose the lower age range

-For the trial class it is not too important to get the group right. We will advise you, after the trial class if a different group works better.


Our Mission

Our goal is to help children build a love and appreciation for their bodies though dance and movement.


At Piri Ballet we care about every single student and make sure that we do our best to make our classes a great experience for everyone. We challenge each student according to their abilities and experience. 

We believe that positive feedback and making our classes fun helps our students make the most progress. 


For more information, please see our  General and Financial Conditions PDF. 




The following information will be found in this PDF:

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School Holidays                            1

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Payments                                        3

Cancellations                                4

Ballet Show                                    5

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Rules                                              7-10

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