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Levels from Sapphire can choose any style in color black. This is the design we offer. You are not required to buy any equipment directly from us. Our ballet store is here for your convenience. 


Welcome to our online ballet shop, designed to cater to your needs. It's important to note that while we offer a selection of ballet essentials, there's absolutely no obligation to purchase from us – provided the chosen product meets our criteria. Our ballet store is tailored for your convenience and operates as follows:


Step 1 - Find Your Size
Our store (a white drawer), is conveniently located in the changing room year-round.​We provide an array of leotards, tights, and shoes available for trying on to ensure you find the perfect size.

Step 2 - Online Purchase

Once you've identified your correct size, you can conveniently make your purchase through our secure online ballet shop.

Step 3 - Retrieve your Purchase

Once your online purchase is complete, you yourself can retrieve your purchased items. 

If your size is unavailable, pre-order for a speedy restock in 1-3 weeks.


Shoes, tights, socks and hair equipment, are also available at our online store and these can be purchased from anywhere as long as they follow our requirements. See our requirements below.


Our requirements for Ballet Tights and Shoes (also available on our website):

Ballet Tights: Ballet Pink, 40-60DEN, no design, footed


Ballet Shoes: Full sole, no string at the front of the shoe (stretch style), ballet pink color, leather recommended (for longer durability and looks nicer for longer)

Thin strap Leotard with Skirt

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