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Welcome to our online ballet shop, designed to cater to your needs. It's important to note that while we offer a selection of ballet essentials, there's absolutely no obligation to purchase from us – provided the chosen product meets our criteria. Our ballet store is tailored for your convenience and operates as follows:


Step 1 - TRY
Try on trial clothes/shoes to find your size
Our store (a white drawer), is conveniently located in the changing room year-round.​Look for our trial clothes (leotards, tights, socks, shoes) and try those for sizing. We have all the sizes ready for you to try. Please Do not open new packages before you know your size.

Step 2 - PAY

Pay for item online 

Once you've identified your correct size, you can conveniently make your purchase through our secure online ballet shop.

Step 3 - TAKE

Take your purchase

Once your online purchase is complete, you yourself can retrieve your purchased items from our ballet shop drawer at the studio. Most items are in stock and if they are not, they will be restocked within 1-3 weeks. 



Please note that our prices include shippment from UK, import tax and the possibility to conveniently try and pick up at our studio.

You are not required to purchase from us (Piri Ballet) directly, but you are required to buy the exact same uniform (same brand and design and color):

1st Position Milly Voile Skirted Cap Sleeve Leotard in PALE PINK

PEARL Leotard w/ skirt attached

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