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6P-8P Monday 7PM with Danai

  • Starts 19 Aug
  • 35.-per class
  • Rue Juste Olivier

Available spots

Service Description

Contemporary dance classes for children provide a dynamic and creative environment for young dancers to explore movement and express themselves. In these classes, children are introduced to the principles and techniques of contemporary dance, which emphasizes fluidity, versatility, and individual expression. Through a combination of structured exercises, improvisation, and choreography, children learn to move in a unique and personal way, while also developing strength, flexibility, and coordination. They are encouraged to explore different qualities of movement, such as flowing, sharp, and sustained, as well as various dynamics and rhythms. Contemporary dance classes for children also foster creativity and imagination. Children are given opportunities to experiment with movement concepts, create their own choreography, and collaborate with their peers. They are encouraged to express their emotions and ideas through dance, allowing them to develop their artistic voice and self-confidence. In addition to physical and artistic development, contemporary dance classes for children promote teamwork, discipline, and self-discipline. Children learn to listen to instructions, follow sequences, and work together in group exercises and performances. They also develop a sense of discipline and dedication as they strive to improve their technique and artistic skills. Overall, contemporary dance classes for children provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where young dancers can explore their creativity, develop their physical abilities, and cultivate a lifelong love for dance.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please let us know ahead of time.

Contact Details

  • Piri Ballet, Rue Juste Olivier 22, Nyon, Switzerland

    +41 79 887 12 11

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